Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Wedding Garter Game

The wedding coordinator eyed the bevy of bachelors and bachelorettes. She glanced at the bride and groom furtively, and having received what seemed like a conspiring signal from them, proceeded to play the games that would choose one lucky bachelor to receive the bride’s garter and one special bachelorette to catch her bouquet.

The lucky pair looked like an odd couple, but the bride, groom and their coordinator seemed to have handpicked them for each other. Although they’re about the same age, the young man was short and slim, while the young lady was a head taller and much heavier than he. He had a serious but docile look on his face, and she looked like she was a good sport.

She was more than game - she was funny! When the groom was about to hand the garter to the winning bachelor, she grabbed the garter, and stretched it before handing it to him, eliciting laughter from the crowd.

She sat on the chair so the bachelor could put the garter on her, but offered her arm instead of her leg. The audience howled, “No way,” so she demurely acceded. She lifted her foot so he could slide the garter on her leg, but rested her hands on her knees so he could not bring the garter any higher. When the crowd screamed “higher, higher,” she allowed him an additional inch above her knee. Then he stopped. The guests again howled “higher,” but she stood pat. Seeing that she was serious this time, the people at the wedding reception kindly agreed that it was okay to stop there.

As they posed for photos with the bride and groom, the wedding coordinator motioned the bachelorette to kiss the bachelor. She shook her head to say no, but offered her cheek so he could kiss her, which he gamely did. He even escorted her to her chair. Hmmm, we wondered - is this the beginning of a true romance?

As they later joined the newly-married couple in a wedding dance, they held and looked at each other like we were not there, and we wondered, will they be the bride and groom in the next garter game?

(Based on observations at Rainier and Iris Camille’s wedding on February 20 at Oasis in San Juan, Metro Manila).

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