Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blogging Confusion

My first blog was about family and I posted one story there, while my second attempt at blogging was to chronicle John's involvement with the town of Banaue. I decided to separate it from the story about the family and created another site for it.

Recently, after two years of not blogging, I tried writing again about the family, but I could not find my first blog. I could not remember the title, my username or password. So I was advised to just start from scratch and I did. I wrote quite a few posts, and thought that I was really getting the hang of blogging. I knew how to get to Dashboard and to add a new post. I was proud of myself, and my youngest daughter was proud that her old mother knew how to blog.

Then Blogger switched to their new format, and I could not access my old Dashboard. I could go to my three blogs and managed to combine the first with the second (not what I wanted. It was the second that I wanted to combine with the first so I could drop the second blogspot). I could not go to the Dashboard of the blog that mattered - the most recent and the site that had the most stories.

I searched for help and tried the many suggestions to combine blogs or to find lost usernames, but to no avail. After struggling and failing to find the right away, all I had was a headache. So today, I cut and pasted from my favorite blogsite to my first site. I also made the mistake of transferring some family stories to the blog on Banaue.

I'm confused but I hope you will bear with me. My most recent post, "My Date with Carl Gustav Jung," is buried among the cut-and-pasted stories of my old posts. I also hope that someone can help me put my posts in order, at least chronologically. But I will not be defeated - I will try again.