Thursday, November 05, 2015

Lola Only!

Today is the day I write about today! This is a deeply personal story, and not written as a literary piece. We all have our special moments, and today is that for me.

Today is truly a memorable day! The fourth of November, in the year 2015! It’s a sunny day. It’s a beautiful day. I will mark this day as a day to celebrate!

Before today, there was yesterday, and before yesterday were many other days. Sure, I’ve also had many special days on days before today, but those days were not as special as today! I admit that I cried with joy when my grandchildren were born (as I did when my own children came into this world), got blown away when I saw my babies' and grandbabies' first smiles, or heard them call me “Mama” or “Lola.” I was always thrilled when my grandchildren, coaxed by their mama or papa, would repeat, “I love you, Lola.”

In the days before today, when I offered to carry, feed, or play with them – my sweet granddaughters would say, “Mama only,” or “Only Papa.” That’s to be expected, right, so I didn’t feel so badly, but secretly, I wished to hear them say that it was me whom they preferred. I wanted to hear them say, “Only Lola.”

Today is the day that I prayed, longed, wished for.  Kathy had asked me to babysit my grandchildren as she had a doctor’s appointment towards noon, and the kids had music class at 10am.  As we left their house to go to Music Class, my younger granddaughter, A*, refusing help from Kathy’s helpers, said, “Only Lola.” Those words sounded as clear and melodious as bells on a carillon, or on a windchime, and I still hear them in my ears, and in my head. I think my whole body heard my granddaughter say, “Only Lola.”

Of course, it’s probably because her mama carried her bigger sister, G*, to leave me to carry the smaller one, but who cares? I just heard “Lola only,” and I chose to ignore the circumstances that made her say that. When she needed assistance in getting up to the car, she said again, “Lola only.” But then, she changed her mind, and said “Self. Self.” She’s 1-1/2 months short of being two years old, so I’m not going to dampen her attempt at being independent by insisting that she sticks to her first declaration, “Lola only.”

After Music Class, before we crossed the street, she turned down help from others, including our driver, Junie, and insisted, “Only Lola.”

That’s three times today, (well, 2-1/2 times) that I was the special, the chosen, the preferred one.

“Only Lola.” I’ll forever remember today.

P.S. Although I posted this today, instead of yesterday, the feeling is as strong today, as it was yesterday. I told Wowo this story last night, and this morning upon waking up, I asked him “Lola only?” and he said “Yes, you only.” <3