Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tandem Ride

“Harvey, have you seen Mission Impossible Rogue Nation? 'Nessun Dorma' plays a prominent role (as does the opera 'Turandot'). It's a fun movie and the best in the series. Don't miss it with John. You guys get free tickets, right?”

This question from a friend, Tonet Rivera, prompted this story.

HI Tonet. Sorry for late reply. John and I were in Davao to give a talk, "Passion and Profit in Photography." Yes, we saw that movie - I think about three weeks ago.

When we were excitedly watching the movie sequence showing Tom Cruise on a motorcycle going down concrete steps, I told John that I could relate. How do I know that feeling?

Many years ago before they covered the canal along Amorsolo Street in Legazpi Village,  it was several meters lower than the Makati Cinema Square area, where we were at that time. There were concrete steps between the two levels.

Traffic was bad on Pasong Tamo (a parallel street, on the opposite direction, where we wanted to go). We were tandem-riding on his motorcycle, not quite as big or powerful as Tom Cruise’s.  

He then asked me, "Do you love me?" "Of course," I answered. "Do you trust me?" I replied, "with my life."

I had no idea what he was planning. I just thought that he was feeling romantic. Then he gave me strange instructions, "Close your eyes, and hold tight. No matter what happens, don't let go." I did, and then quickly realized the move that he took. He turned towards the steps and we went down to Amorsolo Street, bumping along on each step.

What a cinematic experience, but a ride I would rather not have, as I felt my heart jumping to my throat. He maneuvered his motorbike well, and before I could protest, we were safely down on the street level.

Still, the experience was etched in my mind.

At the movie theater while watching “Mission Impossible,” I held on to John’s arm, and grateful that we were just watching a movie and not reliving our own motorcycle adventure, I whispered, “You’re my Tom Cruise,” and added, “Tom Cruz.” J

P.S. For the info of non-Filipino friends, Cruz is a common Filipino surname.

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